USA DeBusk offers pigging and decoking services for refining and chemical processing applications. This mechanical cleaning service removes fouling that accumulates on the inner walls of furnace coils, boilers and piping systems. It allows customers to avoid costly outages, reduce fuel and other operating costs, enhance profitability, and minimize safety risks.

USA DeBusk is an established and growing leader in the industry, with a superior record of service that includes projects for every major refiner in North America.

Our commitment to environmental, health and safety includes best-in-class safety training, advanced automated equipment, and sustainable processes to conserve water and eliminate waste.



Service Overview

  • All-inclusive mechanical pigging services
  • 24/7 response
  • Closed-loop effluent filtration
  • Smart pigging support
  • Cost savings analysis services
  • Turnaround scheduling

The service is performed with a progressive pigging system and proprietary trailer-mounted pigging pumper that transports a cleaning pig bi-directionally though tubes or piping using low-pressure water.

After cleaning and flow testing, an optional inspection may be performed using instrumented intelligent pigs to assess the condition of tube walls.





Technology for Safety & Productivity

USA DeBusk operates the world’s largest fleet of TriMax™ pumpers, the most advanced and innovative units in the industry.

  • Increases productivity by 50%
  • Allows three cleaning passes to be performed simultaneously; or cleaning and decoking in two passes and smart pigging in a third pass
  • Adds reliability; 100% spare capacity vs. dual units
  • Advanced automation and electronics for process control and monitoring
  • Coupled with the most diverse selection of engineered decoking pigs in the world
  • Custom support trailers stocked for project-specific requirements

Video: TriMax™ Pumping Unit


Closed-Loop Filtration

Closed-Loop filtration is an optional feature of USA DeBusk’s pigging and decoking service. It operates continuously during the decoking process to remove and capture entrained particulates from the effluent and provide a continuous supply of clean water for nonstop decoking.

  • Capable of saving hundreds of thousands of gallons of water every shift
  • Reduces footprint at job site
  • Prevents the need for plant facilities to process wastewater
  • Provides savings by eliminating costly portable storage tanks and resources to transport and process waste
  • Mitigates risks by eliminating the need for multiple contractors and activities on site
  • Recovers and recycles soda ash neutralization solution