USA DeBusk offers bulk commodity carrier services designed to meet the unique needs of refining, chemical processing, and industrial customers.

We operate a diverse fleet of pneumatic tank trucks and rail cars, managed by a dispatch operation that provides the best delivery service in the industry.

We haul chemical and mineral commodities using both 1,200 cu. ft. and 1,600 cu. ft. capacity semi-pneumatic tank trailers.

Our vehicles, equipment, and processes are designed to accommodate the unique handling and transport requirements of catalysts, carbon adsorbents, and other materials commonly used in industrial applications.


Safe & Environmentally Responsible

Continual driver training, safety awareness, vigilant equipment inspection, and meticulous maintenance are the keys to our record of safe and dependable operation.

We hire only the most qualified personnel, conduct rigorous training, and maintain our vehicles and equipment in top condition. Our personnel have excellent driving and inspection records and our internal procedures are structured to encourage continuous improvement.

USA DeBusk was presented an award for our outstanding safety record by the Highway Patrol. We continue to pursue this standard of excellence for our employees and customers.

We are dedicated to maintaining chemically clean pneumatic tankers, ensuring that our customers will receive their loads free from contamination.


Rail Spur Locations