USA Debusk offers ultra-safe cleaning products, technical supervision, advanced equipment and innovative procedures for decontaminating refinery and petrochemical process equipment. USA DeBusk chemical cleaning technologies focus on non-hazardous methods that protect both people and the environment.

Cleaning techniques include vapor phase and chemical circulation methods that remove oil/hydrocarbons, LEL, hydrogen sulfide, benzene, pyrophoric iron sulfide, hazardous gases and a long list of contaminants that typically impact process equipment efficiency.

Efficient and Effective

USA DeBusk supervisors have decades of experience in developing and applying the most effective methods for cleaning process equipment in the shortest time possible. USA DeBusk’s vapor phase techniques typically save clients 70% of the time normally required to accomplish the same results with steam alone.

From project design and engineering through final reporting, USA DeBusk offers the technology, expertise and experience to solve the most challenging chemical cleaning projects.


  • Technical support
  • Application support
  • Vapor phase
  • Chemical circulation
  • Foaming
  • Cascade

  • Maintenance
  • Unit cleaning/clearing/planning
  • H2S, benzene and LEL removal for turnarounds
  • Vapor recovery
  • Flareless turnarounds


  • Vacuum/atmospheric towers
  • Crude/heavy oil units
  • FCC and coker units
  • Desalters
  • Amine and sulfur recovery units.
  • Boilers/cooling water systems
  • Piping, flare lines
  • Steam Blow
  • Drums, small tanks and KO drums
  • Caustic treaters and odor control
  • Individual exchangers and OVHD condensers, towers and vessels
  • Visbreaker, platformer, hydrobon and fractionation units
  • Sat gas, sour water strippers and quench water systems
  • Fuel gas, lube oil and pre-op cleaning of new systems