USA DeBusk is a trusted provider of support services for coker operations, with specialized technologies and experienced rapid-response teams that deliver turnkey solutions. We offer a full suite of services to help coker operations remain productive in emergencies and reduce downtime during planned outages.

  • Jet pump temporary support
  • Specialty coker hydro blasting
  • Unit clearing & chemical cleaning
  • Online coke fines removal
  • Automated frac tower decoking
  • Line and pipe cleaning
  • Furnace coil pigging & decoking
  • Hydro cutting

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Specialty Service Highlights

Our turnkey, multi-service line solutions for Coker turnarounds include the following advanced technologies.

Jet Pump Temporary Support

Complete functional solutions to replace lost jet pump capacity. The service allows you to maintain productivity by cutting on normal cycles and for normal durations.

  • High-volume/high-pressure pumping units from 125 hp to 2,500 hp
  • Equipment packages are kept ready to deploy to your site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Computerized command center controls up to 20 pumping units
  • Flows/pressures/safety functions controlled via live camera/computer feed
  • Real-time camera/data feeds available to customers
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Unit Clearing

A turnkey decontamination package using safe and effective cleaning products, experienced technical supervision, advanced equipment and innovative processes.

  • Opens the unit efficiently, saving days on the turnaround critical path
  • Safe for personnel and equipment
  • Pre-engineering to develop detail drawings and timelines
  • Proven, predictable results
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Online Coke Fines Removal

The only solution in which free coke fines can be removed from coker processes while the unit remains online. These services effectively clean cutting/quench water between turnarounds, protecting jet pumps and pipes from abrasive damage. Automation and computer-assisted remote control completely eliminate personnel exposure during fines removal—all with video monitoring of processes.

  • Cleans weir pits, maze pits, cutting/quench water tanks, rail car trenches and sumps, clear water cutting pit sumps, coker clarification tanks
  • Zero employee exposure to hazardous conditions during removal processes
  • Minimum 95% faster than conventional methods
  • Eliminates the need for isolation blinding, fresh air requirements or vessel entry permits
  • Effective for standalone online cleaning or as part of outage projects
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Pigging & Decoking

Mechanical cleaning of furnace coils to restore flow and heat exchange efficiency while reducing differential pressure. Includes comprehensive project design, engineering, scheduling, cost savings analyses and results verification.

  • World’s largest fleet of TriMax™ triple pumping systems that increase productivity by 50%
  • Advanced electronic controls, automation and video monitoring
  • The industry’s most diverse selection of decoking pigs
  • Closed-loop effluent filtration
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Specialty Line Cleaning

Industry-leading technology to clean vapor lines, transfer lines and lines associated with the heater.

  • Automation for safety and productivity
  • Custom engineering to apply properly sized hoses, nozzle configurations, pressures and cleaning speeds for each line
  • Containment of coke and water
  • Highly trained personnel

Coker Hydro Cutting

The safe, precise solution for piping, tower and concrete cuts.

  • 40,000 psi water
  • Fully automated operation
  • Specialty tracks
  • Dedicated hydro cutting teams
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