Coker units are critical to the profitability of a refinery. When a coker unit is down or has reduced production, millions of dollars in profits are being lost. To restore operation as quickly as possible, USA DeBusk offers services that have been specially developed for coker units. USA DeBusk has the expertise and equipment to provide custom line cleaning, hydro cutting, jet pump replacement and exchanger cleaning services.

Specialty Line Cleaning Services

Vapor lines, transfer lines and lines associated with the heater are the most difficult lines to cleline-clean2an in a refinery. USA DeBusk offers industry-leading technology, engineering and training to clean these lines effectively.A key feature of this service is the ability to apply properly sized hoses, nozzle configurations, pressures and cleaning speeds for each line in the coker.

USA DeBusk advantages for coker line cleaning include:

  • Technology
  • Automation
  • Engineering
  • Training
  • Proper Job Set-Up
  • Cleaning pace that avoids “redo” work
  • Safety
  • Proper job set-up for each line

Specialty Line-Cleaning Containment

During coker turnarounds, water from hydro blasting is often cascading down through the unit. This interrupts other work going on in the turnaround. Scaffolding, boiler making, x-raying, bundle extraction, inspections and many contain3other services are disrupted or halted due to the excess water flowing down through the structure. Even worse, coke being removed from the lines can create a safety hazard.

To avoid these problems, USA DeBusk can clean these lines while containing all water and coke that is being removed from the lines.

A bonus from capturing the coke during the cleaning process is that coke does not remain on the structure for long periods of time after line cleaning. The coke is either captured in catch pans or through attachments connected to process lines.

When cleaning vapor lines, the containment process uses catch pans, with a hose diverting the water to a safe place at ground level.

Containment for transfer and heater line cleaning is accomplished by building a device to flange-up to the process piping. Water and coke is vacuumed to a vacuum box or vacuum truck as the cleaning is being performed. Less than .001% of the water and none of the coke hits the ground.

Coker Hydro Cutting

Hydro cutting in coker units can be used for piping cuts, tower cuts and concrete cuts. USA DeBusk is uniquely qualified to perform these services.

  • Highly trained and experienced hydro cutters
  • Well maintained cutting equipment
  • Split punch line – the person in charge of the cut must watch the cut line all times

Jet Pump Replacement

The jet pump is critical to the continued operation of a coker unit and experience is crucial when replacing them. jetpumpSenior managers of USA DeBusk have been involved in over 20 jet pump replacement jobs. We understand how critical it is to get on site and begin pumping. We also know how essential it is to have spare capacity in case a pump goes down or increased flow rates are needed.

USA DeBusk knows that response time is critical for jet pump replacement. So we keep everything needed for a jet pump replacement job on a trailer, ready to go 24/7. It is also important to get the suction side of all high-horsepower pumps set up in a timely manner. This requires us to have all necessary hoses and fittings, as well as the expertise to perform these tasks quickly.

For jet pump replacement, our track record of success speaks for itself.

Exchanger Cleaning

For some service companies, the size and difficulty of exchanger cleaning leads to time and cost overruns in coker turnarounds. However, USA DeBusk has compiled a record of success by applying the right equipment, experienced personnel and other key factors:

  • Highly trained employees that understand the importance of keeping exchangers moving off the slab
  • Effective organization
  • High water volumes when cleaning the shell side of exchangers
  • Rotating lancing machine with multiple lances
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic rollers made to handle large exchangers
  • Well-maintained, high-horsepower equipment
  • Vast inventory of automated technology
  • No failed inspections

Fin-Fan® ACHE Cleaning

Cleaning air-cooled heat exchangers (Fin-Fan® ACHE) is an important part of coker turnarounds. Cleaning to debusk-coker-fin-fan-cleaningabsolute bare metal is a typical requirement and most refineries specify that the contractor contain 100% of the water and waste generated during cleaning to satisfy environmental concerns.

For these projects, USA DeBusk uses its Flex Lance, an automated machine that takes the lance out of the operator’s hand and greatly reduces the possibility of injuries. The operator sets the cleaning parameters and the Flex Lance travels through the tube at a controlled rate.

*Fin-Fan® is a registered trademark of Hudson Products Corporation

USA DeBusk managers have worked in the following coker units:

Valero Texas City
Valero Port Arthur
Valero St. Charles
Exxon Mobil Baytown
Exxon Mobil Chalmette
Pasadena Refining
Shell Refinery
Motiva Port Arthur
Citgo Corpus Christi
Flint Hills

Citgo Lake Charles
Seadrift Coke
NCRA McPherson, Ks
Frontier El Dorado
Marathon Robinson
Pemex Monterrey
Pemex Tampico
Phillips 66 Sweeny
Phillips 66 Ponca City
BP, Carson, CA