USA DeBusk provides complete emission control services for refineries, petrochemical plants, terminals, upstream and midstream oil & gas, local municipalities, and commercial entities. Our capabilities range from vapor recovery on temporary storage tanks or rail cars to fully planned and executed refinery turnarounds.

The Emission Control Group supports a full range of planned and emergency applications, including unit turnarounds, remediation and unplanned maintenance projects.

Each project is custom-engineered to deliver the highest level of safety, environmental protection, regulatory compliance and success in achieving customer objectives. In-depth pre-project planning includes treatability studies and coordination with plant personnel.

USA DeBusk technologies and services improve safety while decreasing time on site, reducing costs and improving project efficiency.



Emission control can be executed as a standalone procedure or performed simultaneously with other USA DeBusk services  to increase safety and speed while reducing turnaround times.


Vapor Combustion

USA DeBusk operates an advanced, mobile thermal oxidation fleet capable of achieving the highest vapor destruction efficiency while maintaining high-volume throughput.

  • 99.9% DRE (Destruction or Removal Efficiency)
  • Processing rates up to 10,000 cfm
  • Multiple designs; ensures the “right tool for the job”
  • 24-hour emergency response
  • Built-in interlocked safety systems
  • EPA and state permitted thermal oxidizers
  • Meet and exceed the design qualifications for BACT



Vapor Scrubber Systems

Mobile scrubber solutions include a variety of systems to safely and efficiently remove and neutralize HAPs (hazardous air pollutants), VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and odor-causing emissions.

Systems are engineered to satisfy EPA requirements and MSS (Maintenance Start-up and Shutdown), as well as state and local regulations.

  • Solutions for VOCs, HAPs, chlorinated hydrocarbons, and other hazardous or odor-causing chemicals
  • Chemical media scrubbers designed to capture and neutralize dangerous compounds such as H2S, SO2, NH3, HCL, and other HAPs
  • Vapor control for tank cleaning, centrifugal sludge processing, dryer applications, and more
  • Systems designed for specialty media such as clay, sand, granular carbon, and pelletized media
  • Systems meet and exceed BACT guidelines for vapor recovery
  • Range of systems to handle projects of any size or scope
  • Able to provide saturation curves for all scoped projects
  • Disposal and management of spent media available
  • May be used in conjunction with thermal oxidizers, or as stand-alone systems
  • Mobile systems for fast response for planned projects or emergencies