For the highest level of safety and regulatory compliance, USA DeBusk provides complete vapor control management for aboveground storage tanks and pipelines.

  • Pre-project engineering with treatability studies
  • Coordination with customer EHS, Maintenance and Inspection departments
  • Highly experienced project managers
  • Reliable, proven procedures
  • Qualified crews with stringent, continuous training programs
  • Vapor Combustion Systems using thermal oxidation
  • Vapor scrubber systems to mitigate VOCs, HAPs and other hazardous or odor-causing chemicals
  • Tank and pipeline degassing units
  • Integrated with tank cleaning procedures
  • Single source for related services, such as air movers and vacuum services

Focus on Safety

USA DeBusk teams have the management expertise, advanced training and technology to safelythermal-oxidizer-back-cropped operate in the most hazardous environments, including tanks with pyrophoric products, Immediately Dangerous To Life or Health (IDLH) atmospheres, structural damage to internals or roofs, and external leaks.

USA DeBusk is committed to lead the industry in safety.

  • Superior tank entry and hazard management training
  • Work scope developed to minimize confined space entry
  • Potential hazards are identified and a mitigation plan is submitted in advance for client review
  • Ongoing training with Mentorship program for technician support

Vapor Combustion Systems

USA DeBusk uses advanced, mobile thermal oxidation units capable of achieving the highest vapor destruction ratio efficiency while maintaining high-volume throughput.dg3

  • 99.9% DRE (Destruction Ratio Efficiency)
  • Rates up to 10,000 cfm
  • Multiple designs
  • 24-hour response
  • Advanced safety systems

Vapor Scrubber Systems

  • Solutions for VOCs, HAPs, H2S, chlorinated hydrocarbons, ammonia and other hazardous or odor-causing chemicals
  • Vapor control for tank cleaning and degassing support, centrifugal sludge processing, depressurizations and de-inventories, tank vent emissions, frac tanks, pipeline cleaning and pigging, natural gas line purging and more
  • Compliance with Federal, state, and local regulations


USA DeBusk degassing and vapor control technologies improve safety while decreasing time on site, reducing costs, and improving overall efficiencies. We offer the ability to clean and degas tanks simultaneously to dramatically reduce turnaround time.

Our managers provide detailed daily, weekly, and monthly reporting, as well as updates on our Process Improvement Program. We also offer pricing models driven by production.