Environmental Services & Recycling

One of the most challenging areas of modern industrial operations is waste management. To comply with regulatory requirements, minimize waste streams, and adapt to landfill restrictions for certain materials, the industrial community must continually respond with innovation and creativity.

In these efforts, USA DeBusk is leading the way.

USA DeBusk has developed a full-spectrum reuse and recycling program addressing a wide variety of industrial by-products. Integrating technical knowledge from multiple process industries, USA DeBusk manages reuse and recycling programs like spent catalyst recycling. These programs benefit refineries, power plants, waste water treatment plants, cement plants and other processes which use and generate by-products with chemical and mineral value.

Materials integrated into USA Debusk programs include catalyst from petroleum refining, fly ashes, flue gas desulphurization (FGD) and gypsum products, cement kiln dust, lime-bearing compounds, bag house dust, and more. USA Debusk is constantly working to enhance the recovery of by-product materials and find logical process uses for them.

Examples of Materials Currently Being Recycled by USA DeBusk

  • Hydrocarbons from tank cleaning
  • Spent FCC catalyst fines
  • Spent Claus catalyst
  • Support/ inert balls
  • Spent blast grit coke fines
  • Spent high-temperature FCC catalyst
  • FCC equilibrium catalyst activated alumina catalyst
  • FCC spent catalyst slurry
  • Filter clays
  • Spent lime slurry