USA DeBusk offers total service capabilities for FCCU turnarounds, orchestrating multiple high-value services and technologies to add value at every phase of your turnaround.

  • Enhances safety
  • Reduces turnaround duration
  • Minimizes handling damage
  • Reduces offsite exposure and transportation risks
  • Provides single point of contact and responsibility


Specialty Service Highlights

Our turnkey, multi-service line solutions for FCCU turnarounds include the following advanced technologies.

Unit Clearing

A turnkey FCCU decontamination package using safe and effective cleaning products, experienced technical supervision, advanced equipment and innovative processes.

  • Opens the unit efficiently, saving days on the turnaround critical path
  • Safe for personnel and equipment
  • Pre-engineering to develop detail drawings and timelines
  • Proven, predictable results
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Bundle Extraction

Blind-to-blind bundle extraction performed by highly experienced teams using the industry’s most modern equipment fleet.

  • Diverse extractor fleet for all requirements (including largest extractor in the U.S.)
  • Capacities up to 275,000 lb
  • Industry-leading turnaround management and extraction experience
  • Integrated cleaning and mechanical services
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Hot Catalyst Removal

Save days on your FCCU turnaround and reduce the critical path by removing residual catalyst during unit shutdown.

  • 1,200°F (648°C) vacuum technology
  • Eliminates cooling time
  • Savings on catalyst purchase and disposal
  • Operational yield support, transloading
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Hydro Cutting

The safe, precise solution for reactor and regenerator head removal, riser line cuts, and more.

  • 40,000 psi water
  • Fully automated operation
  • Specialty tracks
  • Dedicated hydro cutting teams
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Hydro Blasting

The latest automated technology and equipment for fast, effective tube and shell-side cleaning,

  • Units up to 40,000 psi
  • In unit and pad
  • Automated technology
  • Slab management
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Slab Management

Complete slab management to assure efficient work flow, coordination with third-party testing and mechanical service providers, quality assurance and documentation of all work performed.

  • Dedicated supervision, certified riggers and forklift operators
  • Tagging and tracking of all bundles and components
  • Staging of bundles and components to increase productivity
  • Special rigging and handling for bundle movement
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