USA DeBusk provides turnkey industrial solutions to minimize expenses and downtime during FCCU turnarounds. Our services include catalyst handling and transportation, tank cleaning, chemical cleaning, hydro blasting, vacuuming and hydro cutting services.

Catalyst Removal for FCCU Turnarounds

USA Debusk specializes in residual catalyst removal in FCCU turnarounds. Our ability to handle hot catalyst saves valuable time, cutting at least two days off of shut down schedules. Specialized vacuum equipment can accommodate FCC catalyst up to 1200°F, eliminating the need to wait for the unit or catalyst to cool. Instead, we begin vacuuming the catalyst as soon as the main air blower shuts down and before the unit’s lockout/tagout and blinding is finished.

During vacuuming, all of the catalyst is screened to remove refractory. Separated catalyst is then pneumatically off-loaded into storage so that it can be reused during start up. This eliminates the cost of vacuum bins, as well as the disposal cost of the catalyst. If the customer wishes to dispose of the product, we can haul it to a reuse and recycling facility.

USA DeBusk has the ability to store fresh and equilibrium catalyst in a fenced, locked yard with video surveillance and security patrol. We offer storage in a variety of vessel types.

In the past 10 years, USA Debusk has performed more than 80 FCCU shutdowns.

Chemical Cleaning and Clearing for FCCU Turnarounds

USA DeBusk combines the expertise of veteran refinery operations personnel with experienced chemical cleaning experts to provide a complete decontamination package for an FCCU that includes:

Detailed Planning: Preparations include a complete review of refinery shutdown procedures and consultation with operations personnel to provide a cleaning plan that gives the refinery the quickest possible turnover of a system that is clean and ready for maintenance activities. Coordination with operations personnel results in a more meaningful plan because it takes into account refinery priorities and is better understood by the refinery operations team assigned to the turnaround.

Chemical Cleaning Expertise: DeBusk’s extensive chemical cleaning experience assures the plan is executed properly and that timeline goals are met.

Excellent Chemistry: USA DeBusk has three products specifically designed for the removal of H2S, benzene, LEL and pyrophoric materials that are present in an FCCU.

Effective Application Techniques: Cleaning procedures are specifically designed to accomplish the goals of the refinery. An FCC unit typically requires the use of three techniques: (1) Vapor Phase, which uses USA DeBusk chemistry injected into the refinery’s steam out phase to enhance cleaning. (2) Boil Out, which uses USA DeBusk’s heavy oil removal chemistry to help dissolve and remove sludge and heavy solids. (3) Circulation, in which USA DeBusk chemical products are applied within the heavier solids area of the FCC unit (such as the slurry circuit) to enhance the removal of sludge and solids from that particular area.

The detailed plan takes into account information supplied by the refinery and the expertise of USA DeBusk personnel in an effort to provide the best possible results in the shortest period of time. USA DeBusk has an excellent track record of successful results preparing FCC units for maintenance.

Two-Step Process

USA DeBusk typically provides the equipment and personnel to help the refinery with the first step in FCCU turnaround activities. This enables the refinery to begin the removal of catalyst, which must be done in order to cool down the system and enable the cleaning process to begin. The USA DeBusk chemical cleaning and clearing team then conducts the second phase, which is cleaning and clearing of process equipment to render it safe for maintenance personnel to begin the next phase of the turnaround.

Hydro Cutting for FCCU Turnaroundsdebusk-fccu-hydro-cut-combo

Hydro cutting can be used to remove the tops of reactors, regenerators and refractionator towers.

USA DeBusk hydro cutting crews use 40,000 psi water pressure and garnet abrasive to make high-precision cuts in metal and concrete. Unlike oxy/acetylene torches, hydro cutting is flame-free and safe for use in explosive atmospheres.

Automated control assures accuracy and consistency for both straight and beveled cuts.

The images on this page are from a major FCCU turnaround. The regenerator, reactor and numerous pipe cuts were completed.