USA DeBusk provides residual catalyst removal during FCCU turnarounds. Our procedure allows removal of catalyst during unit shutdown, expediting operations withdrawal and turnover to maintenance.

Save Days, Recover Catalyst


Our specialized vacuum equipment handles catalyst up to 1,200°F (648°C), cutting entire days from the shutdown schedule.

Our equipment does not require the unit or product be cooled down before we start catalyst removal. We begin vacuuming the catalyst as soon as the main air blower shuts down and before the units LOTO and blinding are finished. We bolt-on spool pieces to draw points located on the bottom of the regenerator, reactor, spent cat t-bottom, etc., and vacuum catalyst from these draw points while operations performs LOTO and blinding. This allows us to remove the majority of the residual catalyst before entry is made. Once entry is granted, we will vacuum the remaining catalyst we were unable to reach from the draw points. This allows the catalyst to be removed earlier in the process for a quicker turnover time for the customer.


USA DeBusk specializes in handling and transporting catalyst, chemicals, waste by-products and raw materials. Products can be stored (bulk, super sack, sea container, or tote), managed and distributed from our secured terminals. In addition to transportation and storage, we offer transloading services from vessels, containers, rail cars and other options.

Video: Hot Catalyst Vacuuming, Handling & Transportation