During crucial downtime, you need a resource you can trust for responsive, high-precision hydro cutting services. USA DeBusk crews have provided hydro cutting (jet cutting) throughout North America for over three decades. Our highly trained and experienced personnel take pride in doing the job safely and professionally – the first time and every time. Working with your engineers, we develop the quickest, simplest, and safest solutions to meet your project requirements.

USA DeBusk hydro cutting teams provide fast responses to urgent needs and are capable of manning large turnarounds where multiple cutting systems are needed. For unique applications, we engineer specialty tooling and procedures.


Safe & Precise

USA DeBusk hydro cutting uses 40,000 psi water pressure and garnet abrasive to make high-precision cuts in metal or concrete surfaces. Unlike oxy/acetylene torches, hydro cutting is flame-free and safe for use in explosive atmospheres.

Automated control assures accuracy and consistency for both straight and beveled cuts.






USA DeBusk hydro cutting services are ideal for many applications in FCC units, coker units, tank farms, and more.

  • Cutting the tops off of reactors, regenerator and refractionator towers
  • Demolition projects
  • Door sheets on tanks and vessels
  • Cutting floor bottoms out of tanks
  • Pipe cuts of all types and sizes
  • Heat exchanger shells
  • Concrete (cuts up to 24″ in depth)



System Components

  • 40,000 psi diesel-driven pump packages
  • Flexible, specialty tracking devices
  • High-precision automated controls
  • Specialty tooling (when necessary)







Pipe Cutting Demonstration