USA DeBusk is excited to announce the addition of pigging and decoking services for furnace coils in refining and chemical processing operations. This mechanical cleaning service removes hydrocarbon coke and inorganic contamination that accumulates on the inner walls of furnace coils, increasing flow, restoring heat exchange efficiency and reducing differential pressure. The service allows customers to avoid costly outages, decrease production costs and enhance profitability while minimizing safety risks.


• All-inclusive mechanical pigging services
• 24/7 response
• Effluent filtration units
• Smart pigging capabilities
• Safety planning and execution
• Cost savings analysis services
• Turnaround scheduling


Video: Pigging & Decoking Services

Furnace Coil Cleaning & Assessment

The service is performed with a progressive pigging system in combination with USA DeBusk’s proprietary trailer-mounted pigging pumper that transports a cleaning pig though the furnace tubes using low-pressure water. A pig launcher is installed on a furnace inlet and pig receiver is installed to an outlet of the furnace, creating a closed-looped system in which the pig is pumped bi-directionally through the coil.
After cleaning and flow testing are completed, an optional inspection may be performed using instrumented “intelligent pigs.” These inspections assess the condition of tube walls to assist in further maintenance planning.

Technology & Expertise

USA DeBusk has commissioned production of the most advanced and innovative pigging and decoking pumpers in the industry. These custom-engineered units feature twin and triple pump configurations, coupled with the most diverse selection of decoking pigs in the world. The pumpers are completely self-contained to prevent spills and are equipped with Tier 4F emissions-compliant engines.

The USA DeBusk pigging and decoking management team includes veteran experts Marshall Douglas and Mark Stuckey. With the launch of this service, USA DeBusk leverages two decades of pigging and decoking experience while taking advantage of the most recent advances in equipment, materials and automated instrumentation.