USA DeBusk meets the cleaning needs of power generating plants with industrial cleaning services that deliver not only operational and cost efficiencies, but also enhanced safety, environmental protection, and regulatory compliance.

We offer proven solutions for all types of facilities, both union and non-union, including steam, cogeneration, and nuclear.

Outage support features include:

  • Cost tracking and daily spend updates
  • Pre-shift and post-shift outage meetings with progress reports
  • Safety Manager and certified confined space rescue teams
  • Site-specific health and safety plans
  • Versatile equipment, including pumps up to 2,250 hp that are easily convertible to meet the flows and pressures required for air preheater, economizer and boiler cleaning

Applications & Services

  • Vertical/Primary elements and economizer
  • Precipitator and hopper cleaning
  • Tubular style air preheater cleaning
  • Rotating air preheater (RAPH) cleaning
  • Stationary air preheater cleaning
  • Scrubber cleaning
  • Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) cleaning
  • Boiler washing/furnace cleaning
  • Exchanger/condenser brushing and scraping
  • Economizer cleaning
  • Exchanger/condenser cleaning[/one_half]
  • On-line boiler clinker deslagging
  • Cooling tower basin cleaning
  • Camera inspection
  • Complete decommissioning services
  • Online hydro blasting
  • Online vacuum services
  • Custom chemical cleaning with circulation for boiler tubes & steam condensers
  • Vacuum services
  • Hydro blasting
  • Tank cleaning


Safety is our first priority, from initial planning through outage completion.

We develop a project-specific safety plan that includes both customer and USA DeBusk guidelines. Our processes incorporate automated technologies to reduce risks to personnel.

Our safety culture extends throughout the organization, with active participation from senior management. Each project has a dedicated safety manager and certified confined space rescue team.

Safety trackable QR codes on each USA DeBusk employee’s ID badge links to cloud-based records of certifications and training, allowing customers to check the status of any employee in real time.

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Service Highlights

Our outage solutions include the advanced technologies and services highlighted below:


Vertical/Primary Elements and Economizer

  • Water-driven BJV heads
  • 10,000 psi, 605 to 2,250 hp pumps
  • 50 to 300 gpm
  • Cable across boiler
  • Automation protects employees and and maximizes cleanliness



Precipitator & Hopper Cleaning

  • Correct fan spray firehose nozzles prevent electrode damage
  • Vacuum clear hoppers and hydro blast blockages
  • 2-D head clean panels with hardened materials
  • Grit blast/dry clean precipitators
  • Ice blast wires/plates; dry method for electrical connections



Air Preheater Cleaning (Tubular Style)

  • Automated 2XLTC and 3XLTC
  • 2D nozzle cleaning
  • Various tube diameters and lengths
  • Automated technology improves cleaning efficiency and consistency for each tube




RAPH/Stationary APH Cleaning

  • Ljungstrom and Rothemule types
  • Automated technology improves cleaning efficiency and consistency
  • High volume (up to 100 gpm), low pressure (up to 3,000 psi)
  • Vacuum air heater tops and duct work post wash
  • Wash top down only needed
  • Hydro lance air heater drains
  • VSD for wheel rotational control
  • Run heads on both sides of APH for efficiency



Scrubber Cleaning (FDG Units)

  • Automated 2D and 3D hydro blast and vacuum absorber and recycle tanks
  • Hydro blast mist eliminator panels
  • Hydro blast cone room
  • Clean ring neck header
  • Clean sparger
  • Clean all stages of absorber internals, including nozzles



SCR Cleaning

  • Blow down all bulk from beams top level
  • Place plastic
  • Vacuum after screen removal
  • Vacuum after catalyst removal
  • Ice blast internals once catalyst is removed




Boiler Washing/Furnace Cleaning

  • 10,000 psi, 605 to 2,250 hp pumps
  • 50 to 300 gpm
  • Automated systems manage dwell times for heavy pluggage
  • Remove slag and debris from eyebrows, monkeys, wingwall, roof pendants, water walls, and downdraft




Evaporator/Condenser Cleaning

  • Variety of methodologies:
    • Stiff lance
    • Flex lance
    • Controlled-volume pigging
    • 2XLTC and 3XLTC
  • Hands-free automated technology for safety, efficiency, and consistency