Power generating plants need industrial cleaning services that deliver not only operational and cost efficiencies, but also enhanced safety, environmental protection and regulatory compliance.

USA DeBusk understands these requirements and offers proven solutions for all types of power generating facilities, both union and non-union, including fossil fuel, steam, cogeneration and nuclear.power-gen

USA DeBusk provides the following industrial cleaning services for power plants:

  • Air preheater cleaning
  • Economizer cleaning boiler cleaning
  • Condenser cleaning
  • On-line boiler clinker deslagging.

We utilize 600 hp pumps that are easily convertible for use in air preheater, economizer and boiler cleaning. These projects often require different flows and pressures and USA DeBusk equipment provides the versatility to meet these needs.

Air Preheater Cleaning

Our specially designed air preheater cleaning system is user friendly, easy to set-up, extremely safe and very reliable. Because time is critical, our systems and service teams are equipped to quickly mobboiler2ilize, set up and complete projects in minimal time.

Advantages of USA DeBusk air preheater cleaning include:

  • Automated control of indexing rate
  • Lungstrom and Rothemuhle capabilities
  • 200-400 gpm utilized during the cleaning
  • Properly engineered with zero pressure drop
  • Reliable, state-of-the-art equipment

Boiler/Economizer Cleaning

USA DeBusk cleans boilers using a specially designed automated system that uses high- pressure/high-volume water to clean boilers safely and quickly.

Air Machines & Vacuum Truck Services

USA DeBusk vacuums all types of materials, including special waste, flyash insulation debris, water and gravel.

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