USA DeBusk delivers the industry’s most comprehensive resources and expertise for safe, effective, turnkey cleaning of all types of aboveground storage tanks, as well as ponds, pits and barges.

  • Extensive pre-project planning
  • Coordination with customer EHS, Maintenance and Inspection departments
  • Highly experienced project managers, API-certified for tank entry
  • Reliable, proven procedures
  • Qualified crews with stringent, continuous training programs
  • State-of-the-art automation/robotics for non-entry procedures
  • Online options to keep tanks in service during cleaning
  • Integrated degassing and vapor control
  • Multiple processing techniques to minimize waste outhaul
  • Single source for related services, such as chemical cleaning, hydroblasting, vacuum services, and hydrocutting of tank door sheets and floors

Safety First

USA DeBusk teams have the management expertise, advanced training and technology to safely operate in the most hazardous environments, including tanks with pyrophoric products, Immediately Dangerous To Life or Health (IDLH) atmospheres, structural damage to internals or roofs, and external leaks.

USA DeBusk is committed to lead the industry in safety.tank-cleaning-meeting-cropped

  • Superior tank entry and hazard management training
  • Work scope developed to minimize confined space entry
  • Potential hazards are identified and a mitigation plan is submitted in advance for client review
  • Remotely controlled devices to provide safe working distances
  • Project engineering for 100% spill prevention
  • Ongoing training with Mentorship program for technician support

Custom-Engineered Services

USA DeBusk gathers extensive background information and creates a detailed, customized project plan, complete with three-dimensional process layouts. The quality and detail of our pre-project planning assures that we achieve your goals in the safest, most efficient way.

  • Chemical circulation
  • Mechanical
  • Non-entry cleaning and degassing
  • Vapor control



USA DeBusk utilizes the latest automated equipment and techniques to minimize in-tank man hours and improve productivity.

  • Manway cannons (single or multiple)
  • Track-drive robots
  • Tank sweep with continuous slurry and removal
  • Manually operated manway jetting


USA DeBusk cleaning and processing technologies decrease time on site, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiencies. We offer the ability to clean and degas tanks simultaneously to dramatically reduce turnaround time.

Our managers provide detailed daily, weekly, and monthly reporting, as well as updates on our Process Improvement Program. We also offer pricing models driven by production.

Waste Minimization and Processing

USA DeBusk is adept at minimizing waste through dewatering and decanting processes using state-of-tank-cleaning-centrifuge-croppedthe-art equipment. All equipment will meet any customer specification for work within units or tank farms. All vapors can be trapped and scrubbed if necessary.

  • 2 and 3 phase centrifugation
  • Belt filter presses
  • Plate and frame filter presses
  • Outhaul and transportation assistance