USA DeBusk provides a complete package of whole-unit clearing services for major turnarounds that can include vapor recovery equipment, a total decontamination header system with heat exchangers, thousands of feet of stainless steel hoses in all sizes, chemical injection systems, knockout drums, and dozens of pumps in various sizes. We use modern, well-maintained, reliable equipment that is purpose-built for industrial applications and large turnarounds.


Unit Clearing Applications

Unit Clearing of process equipment from USA DeBusk

USA DeBusk offers unit clearing and chemical cleaning services for a full range of refinery, petrochemical, and chemical plant process equipment, including:

  • FCC
  • Alkylation (acid & chelant techniques)
  • Coker
  • Sulfur
  • Amine
  • Platformer
  • Hydrotreater
  • Merox
  • Hydrobon
  • Hydrocracker
  • Light ends




Optimized, Engineered Approach

USA DeBusk custom-engineers projects, analyzing equipment design, metallurgy, operating parameters, type and volume of fouling, and other factors to prepare the most effective procedures.

Pre-project planning is performed by degreed engineers and experienced specialists who generate detailed procedures with flows, pressures and temperatures, as well as concise engineering drawings with simplified flow diagrams.

As the only provider of turnkey, in-house decontamination solutions, USA DeBusk is able to engineer a complete package of services, including unit clearing, chemical cleaning, emissions control, bundle pulling, mechanical services, decontamination header installation, repair, welding, and maintenance.



Our cleaning techniques include vapor phase, chemical circulation, boil out, steam blow, foaming, and other proven procedures.

To suit operational requirements, work can be completed online or offline.

Multiple crews can be mobilized to work around-the-clock for projects that are large in scope or have tight deadlines.

Chemical cleaning and emissions control services can be integrated as needed, providing a single-source solution.



Non-hazardous chemical formulations are applied to remove scale and corrosion while mitigating hydrocarbons, LEL, hydrogen sulfide, benzene, pyrophoric iron sulfide, hazardous gases, and other contaminants.

Our chemistries are safe, effective, environmentally friendly, and well-tested.

Unit Clearing Chemistries
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Safe, Experienced

USA DeBusk has the industry’s most skilled unit-clearing teams, including:

  • Personnel with extensive plant operations supervisory experience
  • Supervisors and project managers with decades of chemical cleaning experience
  • Experienced, degreed engineers and technical staff to prepare detailed procedures and SFDs

USA DeBusk teams are staffed with industry veterans at all levels who know how to get the job done in the shortest amount of time, within budget, and at or above client expectations.

Most importantly, USA DeBusk teams have the experience and training to mitigate risk and operate in the safest possible manner.