When you want the right results, select USA DeBusk to manage the cleaning of your entire unit.


USA DeBusk delivers cleaning/clearing results you can count on for all types of process units, including:

  • FCC and alky units, crude and heavy oil units
  • Coker units, sat gas and sour water strippers
  • Amine, sulfur recovery, visbreaker, platformer, and hydrobon units
  • Desalters, caustic treaters, exchangers and overhead condensers
  • Boilers and cooling water systems, fuel gas systems, storage tanks
  • Quench water systems, pre-op cleaning, small tanks and knockout drums
  • Complete flare systems, complete glycol and gas plant systems
  • Plastic and polymer removal using proprietary polymer extraction process (PEP)
  • Steam blow of piping systems, foam cleaning

Results that meet your budget, your schedule, and your expectations.



The Right Personnel

USA DeBusk has a professional team of engineers that produce excellent detailed drawings to provide flow paths, connections details for layout, and consolidated SFD (Simplified Flow Diagrams) that are user friendly.

This team reviews all of the design characteristics of the client’s system to ensure that:

  • Proper safety precautions are followed
  • All pressure ratings are reviewed
  • Temperature limitations are considered
  • The right pumps are selected for the task
  • All metallurgy considerations are evaluated thoroughly
  • The right size connections are selected so that the proper flow rates are met
  • The steam supply is evaluated to ensure it will meet the needs of the particular system
  • Many other technical considerations are analyzed to provide a complete plan

An abbreviated sample of an overview drawing is shown above.


Safety Is #1 On Every TAR

USA DeBusk has one of the best safety records in our industry because safety is absolutely top priority. USA DeBusk places personnel in supervisory roles that have the right safety attitude knowing that they will not take short cuts, will follow procedures to the letter, and will have the right level of knowledge to be a leader. Safety is a key ingredient to a successful TAR and it starts with a thorough JSA that every person on the team reviews and knows their role.

USA DeBusk is the right choice for clearing and cleaning your entire unit at TAR time. Proven products, results that meet your expectations, the right team to meet your schedule and meet your budgeted cost expectations the first time, and a company that is passionate about safety… that is USA DeBusk.

USA DeBusk sincerely hopes you will invite USA DeBusk subject matter experts to your next lunch-and-learn so you can see why we are so passionate about safety, the environment, and about meeting your expectations.