USA DeBusk chemical cleaning and decontamination services efficiently prepare vessels and equipment for inspection and maintenance while helping restore optimal operating capacity. USA DeBusk combines innovative chemistries, custom-engineered processes, and purpose-built equipment to complete projects safely, efficiently and cost effectively.


Chemical Cleaning Applications

USA DeBusk offers unit clearing and chemical cleaning services for a full range of refinery, petrochemical, and chemical plant process equipment, including:

  • Caustic treaters and odor control
  • Aboveground storage tanks
  • Boilers and cooling water systems
  • Exchangers and overhead condensers
  • Piping and flare lines
  • Small tanks and knockout drums
  • Sat gas and sour water strippers
  • Quench water systems
  • Pre-operational cleaning of new systems

Engineered Results

USA DeBusk custom-engineers projects, analyzing equipment design, metallurgy, operating parameters, type and volume of fouling, and other factors to prepare the most effective procedures.

Pre-project planning is performed by degreed engineers and experienced specialists who generate detailed procedures with flows, pressures and temperatures, as well as concise engineering drawings with simplified flow diagrams.

As the only provider of turnkey, in-house decontamination solutions, USA DeBusk is able to engineer a complete package of services, including unit clearing, chemical cleaning, emissions control, bundle pulling, mechanical services, decontamination header installation, repair, welding, and maintenance.



Our cleaning techniques include liquid fill, foaming, vapor phase, chemical circulation, cascading, pig entrainment, steam blow, and other proven procedures.

To suit operational requirements, work can be completed online or offline.

Multiple crews can be mobilized to work around-the-clock for projects that are large in scope or have tight deadlines.

Unit clearing and emissions control services can be integrated as needed, providing a single-source solution.



Non-hazardous chemical formulations are applied to remove scale and corrosion while mitigating hydrocarbons, LEL, hydrogen sulfide, benzene, pyrophoric iron sulfide, hazardous gases, and other contaminants.

Our chemistries are safe, effective, environmentally friendly, and well-tested.

  • Kix Solv® Decontamination Cleaning Chemical

    Patented KixSolv® is a concentrated chemical cleaner designed to remove hydrocarbon-based contaminants and noxious gases from process equipment internals. It is a proprietary blend of hydrocarbon solvents and specialty additives.

    The primary application for KixSolv® is in a steam vapor phase process to clean equipment and allow opening to the atmosphere. When equipment is shut down and entry is needed, this product is injected to remove hydrocarbon liquids and solids from equipment and to clear LEL, H2S, benzene and other noxious gases. KixSolv® is also applied to remove hydrocarbon foulants, improving heat transfer in exchangers and decreasing equipment pressure drop.


    • Fast reduction of LEL, H2S, benzene and other noxious gases
    • Excellent internal surface cleaning of organic material
    • Better cleaning at lower cost than terpene-based products
    • Reduced shutdown timeline
    • Worry-free effluent processing
    • Superb metallurgical compatibility

    Key Features:

    • Strong solvency for hydrocarbon contaminants, including heavy hydrocarbons and tars
    • Excellent penetration and removal of hydrocarbon foulants
    • Significantly more powerful than terpene-based products
    • Short chemical injection time when used with a steam vapor phase process
    • Cleaning effluent can easily be reprocessed with no product quality issues


  • KixClear® Reactor Clearing Chemical

    KixClear® improves reactor clearing processes by eliminating hydrocarbon-based contaminants and noxious gases. This application, which is integrated into the shutdown procedure, results in faster shutdown timelines from oil-out until blinding and provides more certainty with planning schedules. The product does not contain any substances such as water or metals that are potentially harmful to catalysts.

    KixClear® application improves the timeline, certainty, and quality of clearing reactors during shutdowns. During the reactor shutdown procedure, KixClear® is injected to remove hydrocarbon contaminants and clear LEL, H2S, benzene, and other noxious gases. KixClear® is also applied to remove hydrocarbon foulants to decrease reactor bed pressure drop and in other types of packed bed vessels where steam/water is not preferred.


    • Faster reactor shutdown timeline
    • Decreased nitrogen usage and flaring
    • Increased scheduling certainty
    • Cleaner high-pressure equipment
    • No harmful effects on catalyst
    • Elimination of hot hydrogen stripping

    Key Features:

    • Clears LEL, H2S, and other contaminants from reactor catalysts and the entire high pressure system
    • Excellent at penetrating and removing hydrocarbon foulants
    • Short chemical injection time
    • Non-toxic and biodegradable
    • Exceptional metallurgy and catalyst compatibility
    • Cleaning effluent easily reprocessed with no product quality issues


  • Remedi® Vapor Pyrophoric Treatment Cleaning Chemical

    Remedi® is used to treat pyrophoric material in process equipment. It is a proprietary blend of nonhazardous and biodegradable ingredients designed to eliminate all pyrophorics within a steam environment. This vapor phase application approach decreases treatment timelines and effluent volumes.

    The primary application for Remedi® is in a steam carrier immediately after cleaning for LEL, H2S, and benzene is completed. Most frequently this is utilized for drums, exchangers, demister pads, and piping, where liquid treatment would be impractical. After hydrocarbons are removed, the chemical treats equipment for pyrophorics before opening to the atmosphere. This product can also be applied with other gas carriers such as nitrogen or in liquid form.


    • Application during steaming decreases timeline and effluent volumes
    • Large drums, overhead systems, and demister pads can be treated without water filling
    • Positive verification of completion
    • Easy effluent processing
    • Excellent metallurgical compatibility

    Key Features:

    • Can be applied with steam
    • Compatible with hydrocarbon material
    • Non-reversible treatment of iron sulfide and other pyrophoric materials in the equipment
    • Cleaning effluent can easily be processed with no product quality issues
    • Simple test for completion


  • PlastEx Polymer (PEP) Removal

    Fast-acting, Effective
    The unique chemistry dissolves polymer deposits uniformly, without dislodging large pieces that can plug flow paths downstream. PlastEx has a high boiling point and low vapor pressure to react quickly and thoroughly with polymer deposits.

    PlastEx is extraordinarily safe and is classified by OSHA as non-hazardous and non-carcinogenic. PlastEx is also FDA compliant for food packaging. It is not regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT) for air, land, or water, and no special personal protective equipment is required at ambient conditions. As a result, it is a safer option for personnel, as well as simpler and cheaper to transport, prepare, and apply.

    Worry-free Disposal
    Material from the PEP process is recovered and, depending on customer objectives, typically separated into liquid chemical and solid polymer components. Recovered chemical is available for reuse. Any liquid effluent from the process is minimal, requires no special handling and is considered non-hazardous material suitable for disposal in plant wastewater treatment systems. Solid polymer recovered from the process is ready for recycling or for disposal as nonhazardous waste.

    Environmentally Responsible
    PlastEx is readily biodegradable and non-toxic to aquatic organisms. Under normal conditions, no special breathing protection is required for those working with or near a PEP project. The PEP process generates minimal odors, benefitting both plant personnel and the surrounding community.

    Higher Flash Point
    PlastEx is safer to use, with a flash point of 210 F (99 C). It is classified as a National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Class IIIB combustible liquid with a hazard rating of 1 for flammability.


Safe, Experienced

USA DeBusk has the industry’s most skilled chemical-cleaning teams, including:

  • Personnel with extensive plant operations supervisory experience
  • Supervisors and project managers with decades of chemical cleaning experience
  • Experienced, degreed engineers and technical staff to prepare detailed procedures and SFDs (Simplified Flow Diagrams).

USA DeBusk teams are staffed with industry veterans at all levels who know how to get the job done in the shortest amount of time, within budget, and at or above client expectations.

Most importantly, USA DeBusk teams have the experience and training to mitigate risk and operate in the safest possible manner.

USA DeBusk cleaning formulations are safe and environmentally friendly. They have HMIS ratings of zero and are non-toxic, neutral pH, biodegradable, low COD, VOC-free and nonflammable.