USA DeBusk chemical cleaning and decontamination services efficiently prepare vessels and equipment for inspection and maintenance while helping restore optimal operating capacity. USA DeBusk combines innovative chemistries, custom-engineered processes, and purpose-built equipment to complete projects safely, efficiently and cost effectively.


Chemical Cleaning Applications

USA DeBusk offers unit clearing and chemical cleaning services for a full range of refinery, petrochemical, and chemical plant process equipment, including:

  • Caustic treaters and odor control
  • Aboveground storage tanks
  • Boilers and cooling water systems
  • Exchangers and overhead condensers
  • Piping and flare lines
  • Small tanks and knockout drums
  • Sat gas and sour water strippers
  • Quench water systems
  • Pre-operational cleaning of new systems

Engineered Results

USA DeBusk custom-engineers projects, analyzing equipment design, metallurgy, operating parameters, type and volume of fouling, and other factors to prepare the most effective procedures.

Pre-project planning is performed by degreed engineers and experienced specialists who generate detailed procedures with flows, pressures and temperatures, as well as concise engineering drawings with simplified flow diagrams.

As the only provider of turnkey, in-house decontamination solutions, USA DeBusk is able to engineer a complete package of services, including unit clearing, chemical cleaning, emissions control, bundle pulling, mechanical services, decontamination header installation, repair, welding, and maintenance.



Our cleaning techniques include liquid fill, foaming, vapor phase, chemical circulation, cascading, pig entrainment, steam blow, and other proven procedures.

To suit operational requirements, work can be completed online or offline.

Multiple crews can be mobilized to work around-the-clock for projects that are large in scope or have tight deadlines.

Unit clearing and emissions control services can be integrated as needed, providing a single-source solution.



Non-hazardous chemical formulations are applied to remove scale and corrosion while mitigating hydrocarbons, LEL, hydrogen sulfide, benzene, pyrophoric iron sulfide, hazardous gases, and other contaminants.

Our chemistries are safe, effective, environmentally friendly, and well-tested.

  • Piranaha 107

    Piranha 107 is an excellent product for the removal of H2S, LEL, benzene, and pyrophoric concerns.  It can easily be injected into steam, becoming part of the steam carried throughout the system that is being vapor phase cleaned. Piranha 107 is an amine oxide that provides a mildly oxidizing solution used in a variety of methods:  vapor phase by injecting into the steam out of vessels, towers, drums, piping, etc.,  boil out, and circulation techniques.

    Piranaha 107 solutions do not create emulsions that are hard to break and the chemicals are carried in the water phase rather than the oil phase which makes it an ideal product that will not impact wastewater plants.

    Piranha 107 is very effective in extremely low concentrations (200 to 400 ppm) and therefore minimizes COD concerns for wastewater. It is non-flammable, 100% soluble in water, safe to process equipment and personnel, and easily utilized with existing steam-out procedures.

    Piranha 107 Key Advantages:

    • De-oils, degasses and removes H2S, LEL and benzene in one step
    • Utilization of this product in a vapor phase application significantly speeds up the decontamination of process equipment. Most jobs are completed in a single shift once the chemical injection begins.
    • Compatible with all known metallurgies, as well as normal gasket and seal materials
    • Excellent for whole-unit cleaning and allows significant reduction of mechanical preparation of the unit to make it ready for inspections and maintenance
    • Well-tested over four decades and provides reliable, proven results
    • Works well in vapor phase, boil out, and circulation techniques for cleaning a long list of process equipment and preparing them for safe entry and maintenance


  • DeBusk OX

    DeBusk OX is a safe alternative to hydrogen peroxide and permanganate for the control of H2S and sulfide oxidation. DeBusk OX is an excellent, strong, safe oxidizer that can be utilized for the removal of sulfide, mercaptan and pyrophoric concerns.

    DeBusk OX is an anhydrous triple salt that can easily be blended with water in most industrial applications. DeBusk OX is slightly more powerful as an oxidant than peroxide. A key advantage is that the decomposition of the monopersulfate (KHSO5) will release sulfate ions rather than free oxygen. DeBusk OX is designed to oxidize all pyrophoric material, turning sulfides into elemental sulfur or sulfate and destroying benzene by converting it to carbon dioxide.

    DeBusk OX can be used in a variety of techniques:

    • Post flushing applications where large packed beds are known to have pyrophoric solids
    • Circulation of drums, towers, packed beds and any other process equipment that is known to have pyrophoric concerns
    • Vapor phase by injecting into a steam out of piping and process equipment that has pyrophoric concerns
    • Boil outs of drums/exchangers that contain pyrophoric sludge layers in the bottom to enable penetration of the sludge layer, thus allowing oxidation of the sulfides to sulfates

    DeBusk OX does not create insoluble precipitates like potassium permanganate does.

    DeBusk OX has the ability to assist in the measurement of pyrophorics. When measured, oxidation reduction potential (ORP) can show the level of oxidation and guide the cleaning process. It is a much more reliable and quantitative evaluation of the oxidation of sulfides and provides an excellent guide to determine when the available sulfides have been converted to sulfates.

    DeBusk OX Key Advantages:

    • Safe and does not release free oxygen
    • 100% biodegradable—washes away completely
    • Compatible with all known metallurgies and wastewater systems. Originally designed for wastewater treatment of organics and sulfides.
    • Easily applied in a water solution through a variety of techniques (circulation, vapor phase and boil out)
    • Does not create insoluble precipitates like potassium permanganate does
    • Easily analyzed with ORP, avoids unnecessary oxidative chemicals to be wasted, and allows USA DeBusk to target the desired endpoint (KPI) more accurately and quantitatively than relying on color indicators (which is the only option with permanganate)

    DeBusk OX is designed for industrial applications and should only be applied by skilled USA DeBusk personnel familiar with its uses. Refer to the SDS for handling precautions and additional safety/environmental considerations for storage and use.


  • Piranha HO-106

    Piranha HO-106 is an excellent product for the removal and dispersion of heavy hydrocarbon sludge, asphalt-like deposits, heavy lube oil and heavy residues in vessels. Piranha HO-106 works well with crude preheat exchangers, vacuum bottom exchangers, FCC slurry circuit systems and coker bottoms exchangers where low flash point solvents cannot be used.

    Piranha HO-106 is a non-petroleum product that will mix with water and help break down polymeric deposits. It has dramatically lower toxicity and flammability than comparable petroleum and citrus type products. Pirahna HO-106 will allow total recovery of hydrocarbon value and the wash solutions can typically be sent to crude tankage for easy breakout and recovery.

    Piranha HO-106 Key Advantages:

    • Safe for the environment—100% biodegradable
    • Does not damage skin or clothing
    • Washes away completely with no residue
    • Compatible with all metallurgy and wastewater systems
    • High flashpoint (>300 degrees F)
    • Compatible with normal gasket and seal materials
    • Compatible with other USA DeBusk products


  • USAD-HFA-Chelant

    This USA DeBusk proprietary product is a blend of chelants designed to remove iron fluoride from an HF and Sulfuric Alky Unit in a refinery.

    It is a safe, effective product that provides significant benefits when compared to the use of HCl options to clean/neutralize an HF Alky unit.

    Benefits include:

    • Safe for all personnel working in the area
    • Safe for process equipment since it avoids corrosion of the process metallurgy
    • Saves significant time. Most units can be cleaned in less than 72 hours, which is about half the time required for the HCl option.
    • Saves waste volume since this method generates less than half the waste volume of the HCl option
    • Significantly reduces the mechanical preparation time required to prepare the unit for cleaning/neutralization compared to HCl
    • Avoids the corrosive impact to gasket surfaces when compared to HCl options

    Consult your USA DeBusk representative for additional information and to request an SDS.

  • USAD-HFA-Buffer

    This product is a proprietary blend of buffers designed for rapid neutralization of HF and sulfuric acidic solutions.

    It works well in combination with USAD-HFA-Chelant and USAD-HFA-Surfactant to provide a rapid cleaning/neutralization option for HF Alky units during a turnaround to prepare the system for maintenance and entry.

    It is compatible with most wastewater plants once the USAD-HFA-Precipitator product has been utilized to remove fluorides. Consult your USA DeBusk representative for additional details and to request an SDS.

  • USAD-HFA-Sufactant

    This product is used in combination with USA DeBusk buffer and chelant products to enhance the removal of the typical polymer contamination in an HF Alky unit.

    Consult your USA DeBusk representative for additional details and to request an SDS.

  • USAD-HFA-Precipitator

    A safe, proprietary, USA DeBusk product utilized to remove fluorides from the cleaning solution generated during the cleaning/neutralization of an HF Alky unit at turnaround time.

    This product, when used in the right quantities, can reduce fluoride levels to below 5 ppm and at or near zero ppm when this KPI is required.

    Consult your USA DeBusk representative for further details and to request an SDS.


Safe, Experienced

USA DeBusk has the industry’s most skilled chemical-cleaning teams, including:

  • Personnel with extensive plant operations supervisory experience
  • Supervisors and project managers with decades of chemical cleaning experience
  • Experienced, degreed engineers and technical staff to prepare detailed procedures and SFDs (Simplified Flow Diagrams).

USA DeBusk teams are staffed with industry veterans at all levels who know how to get the job done in the shortest amount of time, within budget, and at or above client expectations.

Most importantly, USA DeBusk teams have the experience and training to mitigate risk and operate in the safest possible manner.

USA DeBusk cleaning formulations are safe and environmentally friendly. They have HMIS ratings of zero and are non-toxic, neutral pH, biodegradable, low COD, VOC-free and nonflammable.