Coating Services

Full Range of Integrated Coating Solutions

Surface preparation and coating are ongoing, critical parts of plant maintenance. USA DeBusk offers solutions to perform these services faster, safer, and more cost-effectively – with dependable, high-quality results.

We offer a full range of application methods to meet your coating requirements while operating safely and productively in your environment. Our NACE-certified technicians and state-of-the-art equipment enable us to handle both small projects and large turnarounds effectively.

Quality Results

Expertise to satisfy specifications and increase coating durability

Time Savings

Single-source surface prep and coating reduces project timelines

Application Methods

Spray, brush, and roll techniques to meet any requirements

Integrated Surface Preparation

As a full-service provider, USA DeBusk offers integrated surface preparation and coating services. We perform a variety of blasting and cleaning procedures to remove contaminants and CUI while achieving customer profile specifications for paints and coatings.

Integrated services save time, ensure quality results, and provide a singe point of contact and responsibility to streamline project management.

Our experienced coatings specialists consult with you on your application requirements and develop a coordinated, turnkey project plan that eliminates earned delays and achieves your objectives with maximum efficiency.

Combining all work under a single service provider improves communication and minimizes risks by operating according to our stringent, site-specific safety plan.

One purchase order
One vendor on site
One point of contact
One source of responsibiity
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Single-source solution for surface preparation and coating
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Airless spray coating is fast and versatile

Airless Spray Coating

Airless spray coating is used to produce smooth, even coatings over large surface areas.

It is substantially faster than manual methods and is effective with most coating and paint formulations. Overspray containment is utilized to meet specific conditions customer requirements.

Up to 5 times faster than brushing and rolling
Produces an even coat on all surfaces
Can be used for a wide range of coatings

Plural Component Pump Coating

Plural component pump systems are used with coatings consisting of two or more materials. These coatings include polyureas, polyurethanes, and epoxies where one hundred percent solids by volume coatings are specified.

Plural component pump systems provide higher millage and shorter cure times.

Apply more millage in a single coat
Shorter cure times
Faster application time
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Plural component pump options for high millage and fast cure times
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Brush and roller application is ideal for detail work and areas sensitive to overspray

Brush and Roll Painting

For detail applications such as weld seams or fittings, or when overspray is an issue, our skilled technicians apply coatings with rollers and brushes.
Avoids overspray
Full containment not necessary
Ideal method when spray applications are not allowed

Keeping Safety First

Coatings projects are planned and executed for the highest level of safety.

They include site-specific safety plans with pre-project hazard identification and mitigation. We also coordinate with customer EHS, Maintenance, and Inspection departments.

Our technicians are NACE certified, thoroughly trained, and experienced in surface preparation and coatings application.

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Projects are executed according to stringent safety standards
Experienced and highly trained personnel
Close coordination with customer EHS, Maintenance, and Inspection departments
State-of-the-art equipment
Site-specific safety plan with pre-project hazard identification and mitigation
Single point of contact for surface prep and coating
Saves time
Enhances safety
Reduces costs
Improves coating quality and durability
Full range of coating methods