Hydro Blasting

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USA DeBusk is a leader in providing safe, efficient and cost-effective hydro blasting services to remove the toughest residues in vessels, tanks, heat exchangers, columns, piping, slabs, barges and more. Hydro blasting can be performed in coordination with other USA DeBusk services for maximum efficiency and speed.

From computerized, three-dimensionally controlled automated systems to expertly performed manual procedures, USA DeBusk has the versatility to apply the most effective technology for projects of any size or scope. All processes and equipment are engineered for operator safety, first-pass cleaning effectiveness, and speed of job completion.

USA DeBusk offers the latest automated technology and equipment, including hydro blasting units up to 40,000 psi (20 gpm) with pumps over 2,500 hp.

Best-in-Class Safety

Advanced automation and highly trained crews create safer work environments

Increased Productivity

Automated systems boost productivity and help ensure consistent quality

Cost Efficiency

Versatile, automated equipment and proven procedures save time and reduce costs
USA DeBusk Automated Tube Cleaning

Automated Tube Cleaning

USA DeBusk Automated Tube Cleaning (ATC) systems are the industry’s most advanced automated heat exchanger bundle blasting systems. Computerized remote operation of the entire process eliminates the need for personnel in blast zones during cleaning.

These systems use computerized applications to ensure the control of precise index locations and mechanically feed multiple flex lances into the tubes. Water pressures up to 40,000 psi to remove and eject foulants. Automation provides thorough, consistent cleaning and extended run times to complete projects with maximum efficiency.

ATL-5000 Tube Cleaning

Automated Flex Lancing

Shell Side Cleaning

USA DeBusk offers multiple shell side systems to safely and efficiently clean the exterior of heat exchangers.

The ATL-5000 bundle cleaning system allows a single operator to hydro blast tube bundles from a climate-controlled station located a safe distance away. A powerful hydraulic drive system enables the operator to control all movements of the system for speed and efficiency.

The system operates at pressures up to 20,000 psi and can be configured for various length bundles. With the addition of a roller control package, the operator can also manipulate rotation of the bundles. The ATL-5000 system is completely self-sufficient and requires no external power or air supply.

USAD shell side cleaning
ATL-5000 shell side cleaning

ATL-5000 Shell Side Cleaning

USAD 3D nozzle
3-D nozzle systems for non-entry tank cleaning

Tanks and Vessels

3-D Nozzle systems hydro blast tanks and vessels without confined space entry. They greatly reducing the expense and difficulty of many projects, while eliminating the dangers of working inside vessels. Powerful water jets cut through deposits such as polystyrene, acrylic resins, coke, rubber, boiling scale and copolymers. The rotating nozzles allow high-pressure water to reach into corners and other difficult areas to clean.

3-D Nozzle systems reduce cleaning costs by eliminating the need for scaffolding and increasing productivity with continuous, round-the-clock operation. A 3D nozzle can apply up to 150 gpm at 20,000 psi.


The USA DeBusk RHD rotating hose system safely and efficiently cleans 100% of the pipe ID, removing hard deposits such as coke and plastic, as well as tar and other viscous substances. Advantages include faster project completion and elimination of costs associated with breaking and accessing lines in multiple locations.

The system operates by rotating 360 degrees and continuously hugging the ID of the piping. A specially engineered nozzle remains forced against the wall and cuts the deposits while rotating. As the hose rotates, wheels allow it to move into the line and around multiple 90s. The rotary action and nozzle design are not only effective in removing debris, but also greatly reduce the amount of streaking that occurs with conventional hydro blasting.

USAD rotating hose system
RHD rotating hose systems cost-effectively clean the full ID of pipes

RHD Rotating Hose System

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State-of-the-art equipment
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Site-specific safety plan with pre-project hazard identification and mitigation
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Dependable results
Highly trained crews
Greater productivity from automation
Versatile equipment