Robotic Catalyst Handling

Innovative CAROL System Minimizes Manned Entry

The Catalyst Removal Amphirol (CAROL) system is the only robotic solution in the U.S. for unloading catalyst from fixed bed reactors.

The system dramatically improves safety by reducing or eliminating the need for confined-space entry during catalyst changeouts.

Improve Safety

Protect people by reducing/eliminating confined-space work

Boost Productivity

Capable of working at a constant rate 24/7

Increase Speed

Saves time and money compared to manual unloading
CAROL remote control and surveillance systems

Enhance Productivity

The CAROL system also provides productivity improvements to save time and money compared to manual unloading:
Capable of working at a constant rate around the clock
Avoids the downtime of shift changes, employee rotation and rest breaks
In some applications, it can be used simultaneously during gravity dumps or may be used while it is still at elevated temperatures to decrease catalyst removal time and standby

How It Operates

The CAROL robot maneuvers inside vessels and suctions out material via its connection to a high-capacity vacuum.

The robot is remotely controlled by a technician from the safety of a support trailer. Cameras and lights aboard the vehicle and mounted at the manway allow constant visual surveillance of operations.

The CAROL robot is an amphirol (screw-propelled vehicle) designed to sit on top of the catalyst as it vacuums material. A lightweight aluminum frame and large-diameter screws provide a buoyancy effect that helps keep the robot atop a full range of media encountered in catalyst unloading (densities from 40 – 80 lb/ft3 and particle sizes from 0 – 1 inch).

Twin worm gear propulsion powered by direct-drive hydraulic motors allows the robot to traverse media beds of various materials. The vacuum head is connected to the robot by a hydraulic cylinder and can be raised and lowered remotely for optimum efficiency. Implements mounted on the nozzle head allow CAROL to break up lightly fused materials such as a dense loaded catalyst bed or crusty deposits at interface layers.

All in-vessel electrical equipment is rated for use in Zone 1 and Class 1 Division 2 hazardous areas (ATEX, IEC Ex and AEx certification on the camera system).

Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 3.31.54 PM
CAROL is an amphirol (screw-propelled vehicle) that maneuvers on top of catalyst as it vacuums material.

CAROL Robotic Catalyst Removal

CAROL robotics add value with safety, speed, and productivity

Cost Neutral

Project costs for the CAROL system are comparable to conventional methods.

However, the safety, speed and productivity advantages yield substantially greater value for you.

Reduces or eliminates manned entry
Automated, remotely-operated system
Rated for use in Zone 1 and Class 1 Division 2 hazardous areas
Highly trained crews
Best-in-class safety
Increases productivity
Capable of 24/7 operation
Accelerates turnaround time
Highly maneuverable
High-capacity vacuum