We make safety personal

At USA DeBusk, we view safety the way you do. It’s more than a priority—safety is a 24/7/365, all-encompassing core value. In other words, we make safety personal.
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Award-winning results

Multi-year Winner of The Prestigious HASC/HBR Safety Excellence Award

2022 Silver Award

2019 Gold Award

Senior management commitment

At USA DeBusk, safety is a core value.

Our highest goal is the well-being of our employees, our clients and the communities where we live and work. The management of USA DeBusk is dedicated to providing the active leadership and support necessary to maintain a best-in-class safety and health program.
We encourage everyone to view safety from a moral perspective. It has to be the right thing to do, not just the required thing to do.
As our company continues to grow, we strive to keep a family atmosphere where we look out for one another both on and off the job site. We emphasize that our safety commitment doesn’t stop at the end of our work day. It must be taken home and applied in the everyday lives of our employees and their families.

Our safety practices include:

Industry-leading training and Mentoring/SSE programs
“Stop Work Obligation” process intrinsic to all work
Senior leadership engagement, with Safety Scorecards documenting in-person site safety audits
Comprehensive auditing process
Advanced HSE Management System; all-inclusive data availability for customers
Extensive statistical analyses with trending data
Engineering/technology investments for risk reduction
Commitment to automation
Site-specific safety plans

Safety absolutes

We consistently reinforce safe practices in these key areas.

  • Tampering/bypassing safety devices
  • Fall protection standard
  • Confined space access and entry control
  • Violation of energy isolation procedure
  • Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle; operating equipment without proper authority or qualifications
  • Alcohol and drug policy and procedure violation
  • Unauthorized modification of scaffolding or work platform
  • Violation of permit requirements
  • Blatant disregard for safety barriers and precautions

Safety organizations, memberships & auditor compliance

Houston Business Roundtable
National Association Reciprocal Safety Council
Water Jet Technology Association
PEC Premier
Browz Organization
National Compliance
Construct Secure
Safety Management Inc.

Communication Promotes Safety Excellence

USAD safety badge

Training Verification

At first glance, our company badge looks like any other. But when you scan the QR code, you gain access to the employee’s current training record, a company phone directory, the safety professional contact list, COVID communications, water cut cards, USA DeBusk handbooks and much more.

Within seconds, a badge scan by a customer during an audit verifies, on the spot, whether an employee has the current training to perform an activity. The system allows real-time migration of safety council training from across the nation into our training database and onto our badges.

There’s no more reliance on manual updates to employee training records and no need to inspect multiple badges for training verification.

USAD EHS system

EHS Management System

Our EHS Management System is a “one-stop-shop” application for all safety needs and can be accessed from any mobile device.

The real time dashboard displays a wealth of company safety statistics, including:

  • Standard operating procedures
  • Training classes
  • Incident reports
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • Safety meeting sign-in sheets
  • Recognition program
  • Thousands of different types of reports

USAD Stop Work Card

Stop Work Obligation

The foundation of our safety program is a commitment to the “Stop Work Obligation” process as displayed on the back of every employee badge with the CEO signature.

Everyone at USA DeBusk—from senior leaders to technicians in the field to office personnel— has the obligation to stop work and intervene when necessary.

It is our moral obligation to look out for one another and assure everyone is afforded the opportunity to go home healthy and without injury.