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The Taylor Whitley USA DeBusk Scholarship Foundation

Andrew DeBusk, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of USA DeBusk, announced the formation of the Taylor Whitley USA DeBusk Scholarship Foundation in 2021. Thanks to the generosity of donors and volunteers, the Foundation has achieved extraordinary growth to make a positive impact on young lives. During the 2023-2024 academic year, the Foundation will award 39 scholarships totaling $302,000.
The mission of this 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is to award grants and scholarships to children of USA DeBusk employees attending universities, community colleges, and trade schools.
We are now accepting applications for 2024-2025!
Click below for the application and guidelines. The deadline is 3/31/24. Late submissions cannot be accepted.

Questions? Send a message to and include your full name and contact information.

2023 Scholarship Awards Day: Listen As Students React to The News!

Helping deserving students achieve their dreams

Promoting academic excellence and character

Scholarships support academic excellence and encourage students who exemplify the philosophy of “Showing Up” — the extraordinary act of making a difference in someone else’s life by valuing them more than yourself.
This trait and the phrase "Show Up - Give A Flip - Repeat" were exemplified by Taylor Whitley, our dear friend and USA DeBusk colleague who passed away unexpectedly from cardiovascular disease in 2018. The foundation was named in his honor.

Breaking fundraising records, changing lives

For the 2023-2024 academic year, the Taylor Whitley USA DeBusk Scholarship Foundation awarded over $302,000 worth of scholarships to 39 deserving students. The Foundation will be able to positively impact even more lives in the coming year with a record-breaking $511,000 contributed during this year's fundraising tournament.
Since 2021, the Foundation has raised $1.6 million and awarded scholarships to a total of 49 deserving recipients.
The Foundation has established a goal of funding $2 million in scholarships through 2028.

More About The Scholarship Program

Our fundraising event

The Annual Taylor Whitley Show Up Golf Tournament

The main fundraising event for the foundation is the annual Taylor Whitley Show Up Golf Tournament, which is conducted in partnership with the Taylor Whitley Show Up Foundation and provides financial support for both organizations.
The 2023 event, which again took place at Wildcat Golf Club in Houston, raised over $511,000. These proceeds will be used to fund character-based scholarships awarded by both foundations in 2023-2024.
Thank you to the sponsors, participants, and volunteers for making a positive impact in the lives of deserving scholarship recipients!

2023 Fundraising Tournament Recap