For some service companies, the size and difficulty of exchanger cleaning leads to time and cost overruns in coker turnarounds. However, USA DeBusk has compiled a record of success by applying the right equipment, experienced personnel and other key factors:

USA DeBusk cleans the shell side and tube side simultaneously

  • Highly trained employees that understand the importance of keeping exchangers moving off the slab
  • Effective organization
  • High water volumes when cleaning the shell side of exchangers
  • Rotating lancing machine with multiple lances
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic rollers made to handle large exchangers
  • Well-maintained, high-horsepower equipment
  • No failed inspections

Making The Toughest Challenges Routine

USA DeBusk has the resources to take on the most challenging heat exchanger cleaning jobs.

On one recent project, an exchanger in a polyethylene plant was plugged solid with plastic. USA DeBusk responded with a triple rotary, 70-foot-long tube lancing machine operating at 40,000 psi. We reduced expected cleaning time to a minimum, satisfying plant operations managers and returning the exchanger to service.