USA DeBusk is a leader in providing safe, efficient and cost-effective hydro blasting services to remove the toughest residues in vessels, tanks, heat exchangers, columns, piping, slabs, barges and more.

All processes and equipment are engineered for:

  • Operator safety
  • Cleaning effectiveness on first pass
  • Speed of job completion
  • Preparation for IRIS and eddy current inspection

We use the latest automated technology and equipment, with hydro blasting units up to 40,000 psi and over 600 hp.

Some of our equipment and automated system options are described below.

Remote Bundle Blasting System

The USA DeBusk Remote Bundle Blasting system was designed to eliminate the need for personnel in blast zones during heat exchanger cleaning. The Remote Bundle Blasting system mechanically feeds flex lances into the tubes using a snorkel to prevent blow-back and captures the residues being removed. The entire process is controlled from a safe distance using a remotely-operated HD infrared camera system.

Shell Side Cleaning for Exchangers

USA DeBusk uses automated equipment to safely and efficiently hydro blast the exterior of heat exchangers.

For example, the ATL-5000 bundle cleaning system allows a single operator to hydro blast the OD of exchanger tube bundles from the comfort of a climate-controlled station. A powerful hydraulic drive system allows the operator to control all movements of the system, making bundle cleaning fast and efficient.

The system operates at pressures up to 20,000 psi. Fully adjustable controls allow the system to be configured for various length bundles. With the addition of a roller control package, the operator can also manipulate rotation of the bundles.

The ATL-5000 system is completely self-sufficient and requires no external power or air supply.

Automated Multiple Lancing Machines

Dual flex and multi-lance systems clean up to five heat exchanger tubes simultaneously, saving time and money. Available for both rigid and flexible lancing, these systems are air-operated, remotely controlled and can include rotating lances. Automated control maintains consistent feed rates for even, thorough cleaning to customer specifications. USA DeBusk lancing machines: quicker, safer and cleaner.

ATL-5000 Tube ID Cleaning

The ATL-5000 system is one of the latest developments in automated cleaning of heat exchanger tube IDs. A single operator – in the comfort of a climate controlled station – can hydro blast up to five tubes simultaneously, without having personnel near the blast zone. The ATL-5000 is ideal for turnaround slab work.

Download ATL-5000 Information sheet

3D Nozzles

The USA DeBusk 3D Nozzle makes it possible to hydro blast tanks and vessels without the need for personnel to enter confined spaces – greatly reducing the expense, difficulty and risks of many dangerous projects. It eliminates the dangers associated with entering and working inside vessels while reducing exposure to gases and other hazardous working conditions.

With the 3D Nozzle, powerful water jets cut through deposits such as polystyrene, acrylic resins, coke, rubber, boiling scale and copolymers. The rotating water jets reach into corners and other difficult or impossible areas to clean.

Hydro blasting with a 3D Nozzle reduces cleaning costs, eliminates the need for scaffolding and decreases downtime. It requires only a two-person crew and allows continuous, round-the-clock work for higher productivity. Unlike hand lances, a 3D nozzle can utilize up to 1,800 hp, applying up to 150 gpm at 20,000 psi.

Rotating Hose Systems

The USA DeBusk Rotating Hose system is the safest, most efficient way to clean piping. It provides 100% cleaning of the pipe ID, removing the product and scale deposits that build up on interior walls.

Costs associated with cleaning lines include downtime, labor for pipe fitters to break the lines in multiple locations, scaffolding, and the line cleaner costs. The USA DeBusk Rotating Hose system offers savings in all these areas.

The system operates by rotating 360 degrees and continuously hugging the ID of the piping. A specially engineered hydro blasting nozzle remains forced against the wall and cuts the deposits while rotating. As the hose rotates, wheels propel the rotating hose into the line and around multiple 90s. For maximum effectiveness, USA DeBusk selects hose sizes and pressures to suit individual job requirements.

The rotary action and nozzle design are not only effective in removing debris, but also greatly reduce the amount of streaking that occurs with conventional hydro blasting.

The Rotating Hose system can be used to clean hard deposits such as coke and plastic, as well as tar and other viscous substances. It is effective on lines up to 1,500 feet in length and 2 or more inches in diameter.

High-Pressure Hydro Blasting Pumps

A properly specified and highly reliable pump is essential for optimal results in any industrial hydroblasting project. USA DeBusk offers a full range of pumps to support a full range of hydro blasting operations.

605 HP PUMP: A high-horsepower pump that has revolutionized high-volume hydro blasting. It provides the pressures necessary to create greater impact forces, decrease cleaning time and return operating units to service faster. This pump is often used for Shell Side cleaning, 3D work, Multi Lancing and Specialty line cleaning.

Flow rates and pressures:
4,000 psi / 200 gpm
6,000 psi / 135 gpm
10,000 psi / 86 gpm
15,000 psi / 57 gpm
20,000 psi / 43 gpm
40,000 psi / 20 gpm

405 HP PUMP: A mid-range flow rate pump that can be used in tandem with other pumps if necessary. This pump is also used for Shell Side cleaning, 3D work, Multi Lancing and Specialty line cleaning.

Flow rates and pressures:
10,000 psi / 60 gpm
15,000 psi / 40 gpm
20,000 psi / 30 gpm
40,000 psi / 13 gpm

305 HP PUMP: A convertible pump that can be used with pressures from 10,000 to 40,000 psi. This versatile unit can be used for low volumes or in tandem for high-volume jobs.

Flow rates and pressures:
10,000 psi / 44 gpm
20,000 psi / 23 gpm
40,000 psi / 10 gpm