USA DeBusk provides a full line of Tank Cleaning services for safe, effective cleaning of aboveground storage tanks, API separators, cooling towers, retention ponds and other impoundments.

USA DeBusk has extensive experience with a wide range of tank designs and applications, including tanks with crude, finished products, wastewater, sour water, asphalt, paraffins and other materials.

Turnkey, integrated service options include:

  • Circulation and chemical treatment
  • Water washing
  • Material processing
  • Waste minimization
  • Degassing and emissions control
  • Hydro cutting
  • Vacuuming
  • In-plant transportation

Safe, Environmentally Responsible

USA DeBusk has the management expertise, training and technology to safely operate in the most hazardous environments, including tanks with pyrophoric products, Immediately Dangerous To Life or Health (IDLH) atmospheres and structural damage.

The USA DeBusk commitment to safe operations includes:

  • Coordination with customer EHS, Maintenance and Inspection departments
  • Automated, remotely controlled equipment
  • API certification for tank entry
  • Hazard management training for Tank Entry Supervisors
  • Work scope designed to minimize confined space entry
  • Pre-project hazard identification and mitigation plan submitted for client review
  • Project engineering to prevent spills
  • Ongoing training with mentorship program for technician support

Technology & Productivity

USA DeBusk utilizes the latest automated equipment and techniques to minimize in-tank man hours, improve performance and reduce turnaround times.

  • Remote-controlled manway cannons, cameras and lights
  • Track-drive ROVs
  • Tank sweep with continuous slurry and removal
  • Manually operated manway jetting
  • Online options to keep tanks in service during cleaning
  • Simultaneous cleaning and degassing

Our newest robotic combination systems offer an added dimension of efficiency. A common platform is used for ROV robotics, multiple robotic manway cannons, and submersible pumping systems, providing the following advantages:

  • A single controller can operate multiple devices
  • Greater equipment versatility
  • Smaller physical footprint for on-site equipment

Waste Minimization

USA DeBusk teams are highly skilled at recovering valuable hydrocarbons and minimizing waste. Dewatering and decanting processes include two-phase and three-phase centrifugation, belt filter presses and plate-and-frame filter presses.

Multiple onsite processing technologies can be used to minimize waste outhaul. Vapors can be trapped and scrubbed if necessary. If needed, USA DeBusk can provide waste disposal and transportation assistance.