Integrated Support Services for Pipelines

From upstream and midstream pipelines to pipelines inside plants in downstream applications, USA DeBusk provides a full suite of services with synergies to help you increase operational efficiency, improve safety, and maintain compliance.
For any energy, utility, or industrial application - above or below grade – USA DeBusk offers multi-service, integrated support for your future projects.
Pipeline and facility construction
Integrity services
Compliance programs
Hydro excavation
Nitrogen supply and on-site generation

Service Highlights

Our turnkey, multi-service-line solutions include these services and specialty technologies.
Field Services
USA DeBusk Field Services teams provide end-to-end pipeline, facilities, maintenance, and call-out services services.
2” – 42” OD pipeline installation & maintenance
Class changes, re-routes & line adjustments
Congested corridor installation
Constructability analysis & consulting
Looping and laterals
Gathering systems
Specialty projects
Pick-up and re-lay projects
Greenfield & brownfield compressor, meter & pump stations
Modifications, expansions & upgrades
Tank farms & terminals
Relocation & reversal projects
Interconnect piping
Civil and site
Gas coolers & filter separators
Conversions (turbine & reciprocating)
Fire water line installs
Maintenance & Call-Out
24/7 emergency response for repairs and spills
Site and civil repairs
Filtration system cleaning/ inspection
Meter tube cleaning/inspection
Pipeline drain up and abandonment
Weld repairs and sleeves
Valve maintenance
Coatings applications
ROW restoration and mowing
Rail/dock loading maintenance and compliance
DOT and PHMSA compliance management
USA DeBusk pipeline services
Integrity Services
USA DeBusk is a trusted resource for pipeline integrity management services, including ILI run support, process and mechanical services, temporary flaring, commissioning, decommissioning, and abandonment assistance.
Pigging services for maintenance and inspection, with all temporary piping and separation equipment, pig tracking, lifting, installing, pulling, and pig cleaning
Custom chemical cleaning and treating of pipelines
Emission controls, with temporary flaring, liquid scrubbers, and pneumatic-powered vacuum suction systems
Proprietary vacuum and spill containment systems
For unpiggable lines, offline inspections with cleaning, hydrostatic testing, and drying
Project management for new construction, maintenance, repairs, product changes, and regulatory testing
Chemical Cleaning and treating
Separation and filtration
Evacuation services and temporary flare options for blowdowns or pig trap depressurizations
Liquid scrubbers
Extensive rental equipment inventory


Nitro-Lift (a wholly owned company of USA DeBusk LLC) offers self-contained, mobile technologies that provide nitrogen at flow rates, pressures, and temperatures to effectively serve in purging, drying, displacement, blanketing, pressure testing, and other applications.
DOT-regulated pipeline maintenance
Pipeline pigging with liquid or membrane nitrogen
New pipeline commissioning (liquid or membrane N2)
Pipeline decommissioning (liquid or membrane N2)
Nitrogen purging of gas plant lines and pipelines
Pipeline cleaning with nitrogen
Filter vessel purging with nitrogen
Skid Mounted Vaporizer Units (SMVU) that produce nitrogen gas at flow rates of 90,000 SCFM and pressures up to 225 psi. These units vaporize liquid nitrogen using steam, eliminating diesel fuel usage and ensuring zero carbon emissions.
Nitrogen Membrane Units that generate nitrogen gas on-site at flow rates up to 1,500 SCFM and pressures as high as 4,500 psi
Liquid nitrogen pumper units that provide from 300 to 12,000 SCFM at up to 6,000 psi and 500°F. They offer a 6,000 gal transport capacity for a 500,000 SCF equivalent.
DEB Nitrogen Solutions Sales Sheet - 102023[2]


Nitro-Lift (a wholly owned company of USA DeBusk LLC) designs and fabricates ASME code vessels and ASME B31. 8 process piping systems and equipment for applications in all sectors of the energy industry. With over a decade of experience, in-house CAD and engineering capabilities, and a highly skilled team, we deliver high-quality products with responsive, cost-effective service.
Our qualifications, certifications, and experience include:
ASME “U” Stamp
ASME “R” Stamp
B31.8 Gas Transmission and Distribution Piping Experience
NACE Experience
National Board Certification
Class I Div I Experience
Class I Div II Experience
Midstream Fabrication
Slug Finger Systems
Harp Style Slug Finger Systems Slug Catchers
Pig Launchers and Receivers
Pre-Fab Manifold and Piping Systems
Regan Gas Scrubbers
Amine Contact Towers, NGL Absorbers, and Reflux Accumulators
BTEX Overhead Scrubbers and Separators
Cold Drain Tanks
Dry Air Receivers
Fuel Gas Scrubbers
HMO Expansion Tanks
Hot Oil Expansion Tanks
LP Closed Drain Vessels
Main Hot Oil Surge Drums
Methanol Storage Vessels
Refrigerant Accumulators
Refrigerant Economizers, Oil Reclaimer Vessels, and Suction Scrubbers
Stabilizer NGL Surge Tanks and Towers
TEG Carbon Filter Vessels, Flash Tanks, HMO Expansion Tanks, Still Columns, and Surge Tanks
Utility Air Receivers
Butane and Ethanol Offloading Skids
Injection, Blending, Piping, and Meter Skids
Modular Compressor Stations
Compression Scrubbers (Suction, Inter-stage & Discharge)
Pipeline Scrubber Vessels
Facility Knockout Vessels and Separators (2 & 3 Phase)
Platforms, Walkways, and Stairs
Downstream Fabrication
Separation Vessels
Filtration Vessels, including Vane Separators, Mesh Pad Separators, Centrifugal Separators (Single Cyclones), Centrifugal Separators (Multiple Cyclones), Atmospheric Separators, Coalescer Separators, Filter Separators, Separator Coalescers, Cyclonic Pipeline Scrubber Vessels
Upstream Fabrication
Pre-Fab Manifold and Piping Systems
Injection Skids
Blending Skids
Meter Skids
Piping Skids
Facility Knockout Vessels
Platforms, Walkways, and Stairs


USA DeBusk offers a full range of pipeline surface preparation and coating services to meeting your requirements. Our NACE-certified technicians and state-of-the-art equipment enable us to handle both small projects and large turnarounds effectively.
As a full-service provider, USA DeBusk offers integrated surface preparation and coating services. We perform a variety of blasting and cleaning procedures to remove contaminants and CUI while achieving customer profile specifications for paints and coatings. Integrated services save time, ensure quality results, and provide a singe point of contact and responsibility to streamline project management.
Airless Spray Coating
Airless spray coating is used to produce smooth, even coatings over large surface areas. It is substantially faster than manual methods and is effective with most coating and paint formulations. Overspray containment is utilized to meet specific conditions and customer requirements.
Up to 5 times faster than brushing and rolling
Produces an even coat on all surfaces ]
Can be used for a wide range of coatings
Plural Component Pump Coating
Plural component pump systems are used with coatings consisting of two or more materials. These coatings include polyureas, polyurethanes, and epoxies where one hundred percent solids by volume coatings are specified. Plural component pump systems provide higher millage and shorter cure times.
Apply more millage in a single coat
Shorter cure times
Faster application times
Brush and Roll Painting
For detail applications such as weld seams or fittings, or when overspray is an issue, our skilled technicians apply coatings with rollers and brushes.
Avoids overspray
Full containment not necessary
Ideal method when spray applications are not allowed
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